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Technology That Will Fundraise
For Your Cause

Providing a New Solution for Fundraising

The easiest fundraiser you’ve ever had.

Save Time

Efficiency at it's finest. No more long hours of planning and strategizing. 

Save Money

No cost involved. Free for all Schools,all Non-profits and all 501(c)(3) organizations.

It's Easy

Simple, proven and effective. Let the technology do
the work for you. 

Get to Know the Philanthropists Behind the Curtain

All Purpose Fundraising is a team with 30+ years of advanced charitable fundraising experience under our belts. We are very grateful to be surrounded by highly experienced individuals as our partners, so many of whom are industry experts. All Purpose Fundraising started as a technology-based fundraising platform in 2019 and over the past two years, we have been focused on our development and continuous improvement. Our focus was to build a brand new source of fundraising income to complement existing channels already in place. Despite all of the hours we’ve poured into All Purpose Fundraising we—like many small businesses—were not immune to COVID. We watched as many incredible charities struggled to bring in donations to accomplish their missions. Immediately, we knew that something had to be done; so we put our heads together and came up with a solution. We decided to automate fundraising, which would allow charity organizations to put their efforts and energy back into accomplishing their mission. Now, we work as hard as we possibly can to support charities recover from this pandemic and bounce back even stronger together as we act as their right-hand man helping them to achieve their goals.


Learn More About The Advantages
That Are Available To Help Your Cause

Industry Leading Technology 

Designed with your fundraising needs in mind. A Robust Merchant Network containing hundreds of national brands all over the US will allow your group to benefit from everyday purchases 365 days a year.  

Accessible for All 

Organizations of all sizes can enjoy the built in benefits. With accessibility across the US, and all devices, Android and iOS provide a seamless experience for all users. 


Why it Works

With traditional fundraising programs, your organization could be asking for outright donations, stocking inventory and asking members, neighbors or family to purchase something they don’t really want or need. (How many cookies, popcorn or wrapping papers have you purchased over the years?) Now you can never have to purchase or sell something you don’t already need. All you do is change the way you pay for it!

Instead of using a debit or credit card to make a purchase at a grocery store or retailer, your supporters will use the app to make the purchase at their favorite retailers. A percentage of that purchase now goes to your organization (with no additional money out of purchasers pockets) your supporters are no longer obligated to purchase something they were not already going to buy anyway. Another advantage is the program allows your supporters to help your cause monetarily because every family purchases essentials like groceries, gas and clothing. We also offer our industry leading Family & Friends Program, which allows leveraging to the purchasing power of your friends and family to further help your organization.


What People are Saying

Success shared

“This is great! We can raise extra money throughout the year and reach our fundraising goal even faster than we anticipated.”

“The easiest and most successful fundraiser our school has ever had.”

“Our small organization really needed an additional funding source. I was surprised how simple the concept and process is. Automatic with no maintenance required."  

Paul A.

Gabriella S.

Jennifer C.


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